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Banco BBVA gives you the opportunity to be part of its great work team



The bank was founded under the name of Banco de Bilbao, on the twenty-eighth day of the month of May in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven in the city of Bilbao, where its headquarters have been located ever since. Its operational headquarters focuses on its central offices located in the Spanish capital, located in the Urbe BBVA complex, which is headed by Vila.

On the thirty-first day of December of the year two thousand and twenty, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria’s assets were close to seven hundred and thirty-six thousand two hundred and fifty-eight million euros, thus becoming the second largest financial unit in Spain due to its great volume of active products. At that time, it had more than seven thousand four hundred and thirty-two offices, one hundred twenty-two thousand one hundred and seventy-four employees and eighty million service customers. While on June 30, two thousand and nineteen, it was located in the position forty-one as the bank of the planet by volume of assets.

Within the free places that the company currently has, it offers us:

digital advisor


  • You must be a graduate of the economic-administrative career, have a degree in this
  • Have a great desire to work, have a taste for customer service and a taste for sales
  • Have a lot of work experience, preferably a couple of years in the assigned field
  • Have a good handling of applications on mobile devices and great openness to learn about new technologies


  • We give you sixty days of Christmas bonus, accompanied by many great benefits

Customer Service Executive


  • Have a high school education, degree or internship in economic-administrative areas
  •  Must have at least one year of sales and customer service experience
  • As a mandatory requirement, you must have the availability to move from branch to branch
  • Have good free time available for work from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM


  • You must provide guidance and attention to customers of the ATM service and make promotions of financial products


  • We offer a great base salary but company commissions along with other good benefits

SME Executive


  • Said applicant must have a bachelor’s degree in: Administration, economics, accounting and finance
  • Have a minimum of one year of experience in the following areas: sales in the financial field, SME field, placement and customer service, preparation of profitability analysis, credit, finance, administrative cash management, investment projects and business cases
  • Negotiation skills, cash management, objection handling, service customer service orientation, proficiency in analysis and also interpretation of financial statements, group work orientation, affable treatment and good communicator


  • We offer a great Life Insurance of forty months of salary for natural death and eighty months for accidental death

business executive


  • As a mandatory requirement, you must have the availability to travel
  • Indispensable to have two years of minimum experience in: checks, placement of financial products and account opening
  • Your required academic level must be a university graduate of the economic-administrative career
  • Have an excessive taste for sales and try to treat customers in a great way
  • You must work by objectives and give orientation to the results


  • You will have to meet the objectives of the business, promotion and sale of the BBVA products and services shelf
  • It will be forced to increase the profitable service customer base and the loyalty of the bank’s service customers
  • Comply with the work under the total adherence to the policies of procedures of the institution
  • Provide great customer service and also provide an effective solution to doubts and complaints


  • We give you a policy for major medical expenses and a retirement plan, among many other benefits

We also have:

  • Financial executive
  • cashier staff
  • personal banker
  • digital consulting
  • Among others

If certain of these free places have caught your attention and you want to apply, you just have to click on your country

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