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Dairy business that is required Mission and vision of innovation for each and every one of the service customers who trust us, giving them good service with kindness and respect.

We offer values ​​and morals where they can feel comfortable with each and every one of the workers, where their duty is to meet each and every one of the needs of our service clients, exceeding their expectations with high quality costs to be able to mark the difference in each and every store.

Form a part of one of the most recognized stores in different countries where our passion is to provide simplicity of life to customers of the service.


– Carry out the cash count at which time the cashier is closed, giving the entire daily record to the Superior Chief.
– Maintain a record of each and every one of the products purchased by customers of the service, maintaining a transaction control in the system, in order to teach the administrator.
– Carry out the inspection of loss of merchandise and cash of the store, verifying that nothing can be lost in the store commissioned by you.
– At the end of the working day, carry out a general inspection and cleaning with the team granted actuary, maintaining a good face of the company.

– Desirable experience of 1 year in customer service, sales and cash register in stores or another according to your work knowledge.
– Required studies: accounting, bank administration and other similar careers or completed in order to work with us.
– Have knowledge of POS management (visa and MasterCard) to be able to work immediately.

– We guarantee you a free entry to the payroll from your first working day with an attractive remuneration according to the contract.
– Predisposition to work from Monday to Sunday in rotating schedules with one day off per week.

Multifunctional Collaborator

– Academic degree: have a baccalaureate or finished high school or similar to be able to work being old enough to work.
– Have a complete predisposition to be able to work from Monday to Sunday with one day off per week according to your contract shift.

– Maintain the record of all the merchandise, checking if they should keep or change any product.
– Give the customer of the service good attention by checking any questions or searching for a product, providing simplicity so that he can purchase.
– Make an inventory of all the weekly sales of the company’s products and check the box and give the count of all the money given to the administrator.
– Give the daily maintenance of the area in charge, maintaining the cleanliness and quality protocol throughout the distribution of the store.

– Submit a form with all the advantages from the first day of hiring the company, as dictated by law.
– Attractive salary: directly with the supervisor or administrator of the company, checking and also providing a pleasant work environment.

Cleaning Operator For Food Plant

– Have each and every one of the updated personal documents, having completed an educational investigation and having a health card to be able to work in the company.
– Convenient precise experience of six to seven months in machine management, health operation positions for the food plantation in your granted area, checking its function.
– Have the predisposition to be able to work from Monday to Saturday with a rest day having their rotating shifts.

– Support the area in charge in deep cleaning and cleaning of the production machine, instrument, verification of foodstuffs and washing of gear for the supervision of the manager.
– According to the hygiene and health rules of the company, you will have to apply it throughout the activities in your assigned areas, maintaining a good presentation.
– Availability to support your team in charge as dictated by the superior boss of the company.

– Effective salary as signed in the contract with the company administrator.

Tambo Store Manager

– Higher degrees: technical or university careers in business administration to be able to work or having other careers according to the field.
– Requires maximum experience of one year with a certificate in store assistant, shift supervisor, store manager and those responsible for an operation to be able to count on a person of knowledge.
– Have precise knowledge about the handling and control of shortages and foodstuffs, taking good care of the service’s customers, guaranteeing their services in an organized manner.
– Know how to handle digital programs such as Excel at an advanced level and have the predisposition to work rotating shifts from Monday to Saturday with a day off as mandated by the contract.

– Inspect the total compliance with the layout and the products that are in excellent conditions to contrast or send to move having the store in good condition.
– Uphold the system of respect for customers of the service, distributors or any staff who enters the store looking for some discomfort, giving them a good image of the store.
– Have the representation of the company before audits or inspections that are carried out in their area of ​​duty, checking or notifying the Superior.

– Remuneration conforms the contract with the superior boss giving him plus a payroll for his first day of work with all the advantages of the law.
– Have working hours from Monday to Saturday in the morning and afternoon to be able to work immediately.
– According to the performance of the task in your area, we give you in the career line with educational benefits so that you continue to have more business knowledge.

Kitchen Operator Complete Sheet

– Support the distribution of merchandise in your area, complying with the order and delivery program of the carrier, checking that everything is complete in order to send the information to the superior or to the buyer.
– Carry out merchandise production deliveries and dosimetry delivery, checking that the entire count is in accordance with what was ordered or changing any product failure.
– Deposit each and every one of the products such as cheese, soap and other products that are in your charge, keeping each one of them in good condition for the merchandise.

– Desirable experience of 1 year in nutrition plant work, having the knowledge of working in temperatures at 4°C or in hot environments to be able to work with the company.
– Education completed having each and every one of the full certificates of secondary school or high school having completed careers or technical courses to use with the work team.

Cashier Aruma Stores

– Inspect the area at the end and make the cash count according to the amount sold in your hour, giving the entire record to your supervisor or administrator.
– Monitor and record purchases made by customers of the service, giving control of the transaction in the system, asking each of them with due respect without giving them discomfort.
-Have the knowledge to verify the authenticity of the coins, bills or documents used for the transaction of products, taking care to make a loss of product.

– Have a maximum experience of 1 year in the coin counting box, product sales and customer service in order to work with superior knowledge in the company.
– Higher education: career completed or about to finish in banking administration, accounting, there were other careers having exactly the same branch.

– From the first working day we open a spreadsheet with all the advantages to our employees, providing them with enormous business knowledge.
– Availability to work rotating schedules seeing your rest day per week according to the contract.

Digital Marketing Analyst

– Being recognized by one of the companies that stand out for their team performance and providing good benefits to service customers with their workers.
– According to your follow-up and work in your area, we raise the category giving you a great working time.

– Level of Education: have knowledge of administration, communication and marketing in high school and other careers according to your field to gain experiences in the company.
– Have a convenient experience of two years as in advertising agencies and digital marketing analyst According to your category granted.
– Have the precise recognition of digital tools and social media to be able to work with the required fundamentals.

– Make a weekly report on the products or changes that occurred in your work area, sending them through digital marketing to the supervisor or administrator in charge.
– Regulate with merchants and distributors about the content of products on digital platforms, verifying any concern or need for products.
– Plan as well as the commercial and marketing team on the agency’s digital counts, planning and developing new content for the business portfolio.

Training and Development Assistant

– Maintain the information of the holding’s brands in complete coordination with teams, checking and also incorporating any progress for the superior.
– Keep updated each and every one of the company’s training platforms and having the administration of each of the products or workers in your area in charge.
– Give help on the platforms of your team and in the communication channels or in each and every one of the WhatsApp platforms, e-mail calls or messages, providing the user with the simplicity of implementation.

– Have precise knowledge of human resources processes or personal development and advanced or intermediate English to work.
– Higher studies: have the knowledge of careers in psychology, education, engineering or financial administration to be able to work in more careers according to your knowledge.
– Convenient experience of at least 1 year in customer service positions of the service and digital platforms to be able to have unique fundamentals.

How to join the team: If you are interested in being part of the Tambo family, you can check all the information and when you meet the requirements, make your registration from: Apply Here.

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