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List of 8 Best CRMs for Freelancers 2022 : You Shouldn’t Miss


List of 8 Best CRMs for Freelancers 2022 : You Shouldn’t Miss

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We see many small business owners still using Gmail, spreadsheets, pen and paper to manage things like leads, customers, and leads.

These are the most costly and time consuming and not inefficient for small business owners. Businesses can lose potential customers and existing customers.

If you’re a new freelancer, installing really good CRM software can be costly and time consuming. However, as the business grows, good CRM software will help you organize and manage customer relationships. 

This will also strengthen communication between your team and make the sales process easier for everyone.

8 Best CRMs for Freelancers in 2022

Here are the best CRMs for Freelancers that you should try today:

1) Engagebay CRM


Engagebay CRM is one of the best CRMs on the market and should be given top priority by freelancers.

It is simple, powerful and cost-effective, integrated all-in-one marketing, sales and support software. Engagebay software offers CRM in its free version.

Not only that, it also provides email marketing campaign, email drip campaign, landing pages, forms, consumer behavior tracking, social media outfit, all of these in its free plan which is one of the most unique features of this platform. The software offers many features in its free plans.


  1. The software gives a detailed analytical report
  2. Provides campaign personalization
  3. It also provides customer segmentation feature.
  4. Keeps track of progress with leads and customers.
  5. Can define target account. 


Engagebay offers four pricing plans given below,

  1. Free Plan- it’s free and comes with a variety of features, including CRM software enabled.
  2. Basic Plan – costs $8.99 per user and has additional features needed to design websites or monitor customer behavior. Provides access to 15000 contacts and 10000 branded emails 
  3. Growth Plan – costs $29.99 per user and allows for 50000 contacts and 25000 branded emails.
  4. The Pro Plan costs you $47.99 per user and has unlimited contacts and 50000 branded emails. 

pros and cons

Although Engagebay is considered one of the best CRMS for freelancers, it has its pros and cons.

  1. Automation is super easy and powerful
  2. Can connect and integrate with third-party apps
  3. Very easy to learn and understand 
  4. Affordable for small businesses and startups.
  1. It is not preferred for a large scale business.
  2. The customer support hotline is not available 24×7 and only works during business hours. 

2) Hubspot CRM’yes


It is one of the most preferred customer relationship management software as it allows unlimited users close to one million people within the scope of the FREE PLAN.

It is suitable for traditional business. Impressive for most small, small companies looking for a free CRM.


  • The Center point CRM integrates many key platforms such as G suite, slack, zapya for simplified integration.
  • Hub spot covers contact management.
  • Agreement and task management
  • It also manages interactions with social media accounts and emails to track interactions with leads.
  • Deal and task management are displayed in a kanban-style dashboard with every possible value or task assigned to a card that the card can move around in the dashboard.
  • It also has helpful marketing tools like lead analytics, lead forms, and lead feeds. These tools are meant to help build a lead pipeline that gathers relevant leads and starts moving them towards the sales team.
  • It has sales features that include five saved email templates, up to 200 email notification streams, 15 minutes of VoIP (voice over internet protocol) calls per month per user, five documents per user per account, and scheduled meetings. 


Hubspot CRM is completely free, but their marketing, sales and service centers have four plans with a variety of features.

The packages are as follows,

  • starter $40 per month
  • Professional $400/month
  • establishment $1300/month

The above packages have fewer extra features and accessibility than the free plan, and these features are required when the business expands.     

Advantages and Disadvantages

is considered one of the best CRMS for freelancers, it has its pros and cons.

  • It includes almost all platforms like marketing, sales and customer support in one place.
  • Includes completely free CRM software.
  • It is effortless to use and can also be used as a content management system to streamline your website.
  • The number of integrations available for HubSpot CRMs (free plan) has grown steadily over the years. You now have access to over 150 integrations for Hubspot CRMs, including tools for lead management, data transfer, mobile phone apps, e-commerce integrations and more.
  •  Plans tend to get expensive after a while
  •  Fees are non-refundable after paid
  •  Connecting with third-party applications is a threat to security. 

3) Line CRM


Streak is a powerful Customer relationship management software that integrates with Gmail. It allows you to manage your customers directly from Gmail using a pipeline.

It is an easy-to-learn CRM to quickly manage and organize interactions with customers. 


  1. Streak CRM can manage all customer interactions through the Gmail inbox.
  2. All activities are easy to follow.
  3. It is similar to the Google spreadsheet and therefore anyone can learn it without difficulty.
  4. Most importantly, it can be used on mobile phones
  5. It has multi-team support, custom permissions, data validations, reporting tools.
  6. It integrates with existing tools like Zapier, API and G suite without any hassle.


Streak CRM is an affordable CRM for freelancers.

1) It has a free plan that includes 500 Basic CRM and 50 mail merges.

2) The next plan is $15, known as SOLO. It is for single users and professionals looking for an all-purpose CRM. It has 5000 core CRM and 800 mail merges

3) The next plan is $49, also known as PRO. It has advanced unlimited CRM, shared pipelines, and 1500 mail merges.

4) This is the $129 final plan that provides special permission, data validation, priority support.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Its main advantage is that it is integrated with the Gmail box.
  • It helps you to follow up e-mails using your phone so that you can follow your customer inquiries and other business processes from anywhere and anytime.
  • It has high security as it notifies you immediately when someone opens your email.
  • The fact that CRM can be used over mobile phones is a disadvantage because geolocation becomes difficult when using a VPN.
  • It can only work through excel and spreadsheets and should have access to Microsoft to make it user friendly.
  • It lacks an exemplary user interface and even a few features of a full-fledged Customer relationship management software that can be a problem for a few sales processes.

4)Zoho CRM


It is the most user friendly Customer relationship management software as it allows three FREE USERS and offers more freedom to customize modules compared to Hubspot and serial limitations.

It makes managing tasks and events more accessible and provides access to omnichannel marketing and integration with various application integrations.


  1. It has an excellent sales process for users to maximize opportunities and sales.
  2. As mentioned above, it has a Multi-Channel interaction
  3. It also has inter-team communication.
  4. It has mobility as the ZOHO app is also available on your iOS or Android phones.
  5. Zoho’s contact management feature allows you to save phone numbers, email addresses, meeting notes, to-do lists, documents and much more without leaving the system.
  6. Zoho can also use various tools to import contacts from third-party business applications, such as the import wizard, web forms, or the Zoho customer relationship management API.


It has four standard plans as outlined below.

1) The free program provides access to 3 users and has limited features including CRM tool.

2) The Standard program at Rs720/user/month offers a few more features than the free plan.

3) The pro program is Rs1200/user/month and provides a lot of features compared to the above two plans.

4) The final plan is Rs 2300/user/month with almost all the features provided.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • It is very customizable compared to other CRMs and has various templates to make the website more attractive.
  •  Many different types of tools, including analytics, opportunity tracking, give you a comprehensive view of all sales activity, including deal size, lead source, competitor information, and more.
  • All reports in sales, marketing, support and inventory modules can also be fully customized if you want special messages,  
  •   Allows the management of tasks and various filters, allowing the data in the database to be viewed in different ways.
  •   Customer management and opportunity management is one of the core features
  •    It has a third-party tool integration for confidential data, which is not quite secure.
  •        Technical support sometimes responds late
  •        Navigation not working properly
  •       The error issue keeps popping up intermittently.

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