Moon caves have the perfect temperature for a human colony


Technology Innovation Website Editor – 07/28/2022

moon cave t

This was the nicely that the crew studied intimately – a number of related wells had been already recognized.
[Imagem: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University]

caves on the moon

Astronomers at the University of California, Los Angeles have found a deep nicely on the moon appropriate for a human colony.

The floor of the Moon has a temperature of 120 ° C throughout the day to -130 ° C at evening, which requires a lot of power to chill it throughout the day and warmth it at evening – do not forget that in the future on the Moon lasts 14 Earth days.

But inside the newly found holes, the temperature appears to be virtually fixed, round 17 levels Celsius.

In 2009, craters a lot deeper than craters had been found on the moon, and since then scientists have questioned whether or not they might result in caves that could possibly be used for exploration or shelter.

About 16 of the greater than 200 recognized wells might have collapsed lava tubes. Lava pipes additionally exist on Earth, and are fashioned when molten lava flows beneath a cooled lava discipline or when a crust kinds above the lava core, leaving lengthy hole tunnels.

Periodically, when the roof of a fractured lava tube collapses, a gap opens up, giving entry to the remainder of the cave-like tube.

moon cave t

Well temperature profile.
[Imagem: Tyler Horvath et al. – 10.1029/2022GL099710]

Earth’s temperature on the moon

The researchers processed pictures from the LRO spacecraft’s thermal imaging digital camera, which compiled the most detailed map of the moon, to see if the temperature inside the nicely differed from the temperature on the floor.

A cylindrical despair about the size and width of a soccer discipline, about 100 meters deep, in the space of ​​the moon often called the Sea of ​​Tranquility attracted consideration. Tyler Horvath and his colleagues used laptop simulations to research the thermal properties of lunar rocks and dirt, and calculated nicely temperatures over time.

According to the outcomes of the examine, the temperature in the everlasting shade of the nicely fluctuates barely all through the month and stays round 17 levels Celsius. If the cave actually does prolong from the backside of the nicely, the LRO pictures counsel it could be comparatively snug. temperature.

moon cave t

NASA plans to ship a robotic to enter the lava pit, discover its partitions, and search for potential caves.
[Imagem: NASA/JPL-Caltech]

Rappel on the Moon

Shading limits warmth throughout the day and prevents warmth loss at evening, the crew believes, and is accountable for a fixed temperature.

But it will not be simple to go outdoors throughout the day: the a part of the solar at the backside of the nicely is hotter than the floor of the moon. “Because the Sea of ​​Tranquility nicely is closest to the moon’s equator, the noon mild ground is probably going the hottest a part of the moon,” Horvath mentioned.

Data from the early phases of the Lunar Well Thermal Modeling Project had been used to develop the lunar rover’s thermal administration system for the Lunar Diver mission.Moon diver) really helpful by NASA. The crew that revealed the ultimate model of this simulation is a part of the mission’s science crew, whose important objective is to descend the crater, examine the layers of lava flows on its partitions, and ship the robotic. discover present caves.


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Journal: Geophysical Research Letters
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