Which Real Estate CRM to choose

Nocnok or AlterEstate: Which Real Estate CRM to choose?

Can’t decide between NocNok or AlterEstate? Real estate CRMs have become the cornerstone of success in the competitive world of the real estate market. The importance of this technological tool became more evident than ever, as 85% of leading real estate agencies implemented CRM systems to optimize their processes. 

With the ability to manage contacts, automate tasks, and deliver a personalized experience to customers, real estate CRMs not only increased agent efficiency, but also improved customer retention by 73%, according to a Forbes study . 

In a constantly evolving market, investing in a real estate CRM is not only a competitive advantage, it is a necessity. 

There are more and more Real Estate CRMs, and in this blog we want to talk about two of them: NocNok ; a well-known platform in Mexico, and AlterEstate , our CRM made especially for the real estate sector with a presence in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Costa Rica. 

And if you want to know in great detail what a Real Estate CRM is, read this blog where you will find all the information you need: “Benefits of a Real Estate CRM” .

Nocnok vs AlterEstate

Let’s start with Nocnok , a Real Estate CRM in Mexico that is focused on the sale and rental of properties. This CRM has very basic functions to manage your clients, you will have access to their real estate network, you will be able to create a website, store files, assign properties and prequalify mortgages. 

Pros : It has its own real estate portal and you can connect with specific real estate portals at no extra cost. In customer service, they focus on communication via WhatsApp and have a free 7-day NocNok Pro trial option.

Disadvantages : The functionalities are basic, it does not have a mobile app and the platform interface is a bit obsolete.

Nocnok or AlterEstate?  We compare Real Estate CRM.

What does AlterEstate offer?

AlterEstate is a CRM designed based on the needs of Real Estate Agents and Agencies. This platform is part of one of the most prestigious Investment Funds in the region: 500 Startups.

Proudly Dominican, AlterEstate has quickly found a place in the real estate sector due to its effectiveness. Today, it has more than 3,000 satisfied and active agents on the platform.

AlterEstate Key Features

More than a CRM, AlterEstate is an all-in-one platform where you can manage your entire business digitally. And by everything we mean EVERYTHING: from the moment an interested client arrives until you complete the sale and hand over the property.

The main functionalities that AlterEstate has are: 

  1. Real Estate CRM : The favorite part of many. Here you can track the entire path your client takes, from when they are a lead until they become a potential client. 
  2. Website : Create your own website and unlimited landing pages to highlight your best properties and sell yourself as the trustworthy agent you are. 
  3. Real Estate Network : Share properties with thousands of agents – if you want – to further promote your properties. You can share commissions from this section. 
  4. Real estate market analysis : Every day we analyze thousands of data on location, prices, list and closing price analysis, price history from recent years and more. This information will help you make informed decisions to improve and increase your sales. 
  5. Mobile App : We go further with the new mobile application. Designed with your needs in mind, this App is an extension of the complete platform. Download it here .

Time to choose your Real Estate CRM

To do this, make a list of the features and functions that are must-haves for your business. Compare how NocNok and AlterEstate address these specific needs. Pay attention to advanced features that can improve your efficiency and competitive advantage.

AlterEstate Nocnok
Mobile and Desktop App desktop only
Customer and prospect management Customer Management
Real Estate Network Real Estate Network
Unlimited web pages Website
Automatic promotion on portals Automatic promotion on portals
Store and share files Store and share files
Marketing tools Notifications via WhatsApp
Share properties Credit prequalifier
Agenda and activities control Interested
MXN$699 per user MXN$840

We leave you 5 tips to choose the one that best suits your needs:

  1. Try both platforms: Take advantage of the free trials or demos offered by both platforms. This will allow you to directly experience how they work and evaluate their use from the perspective of your business.
  2. Consider the cost: Compare the costs of NocNok and AlterEstate based on your budget. Consider not only monthly fees, but also additional costs, such as integrations or customization.
  3. Ask for opinions and references: Talk to colleagues who may have used NocNok or AlterEstate. The experiences of other industry professionals can provide valuable insights into performance and user satisfaction. You can also find opinions on the internet.
  4. Support questions: Find out what kind of support and training both platforms offer. The availability of training resources and good technical support can make a big difference in your experience with the platform.
  5. Plan for growth: Consider how the platform will adapt as your business grows. Make sure the option you choose is scalable and can meet your needs and align with your goals.

Finally, Nocnok or AlterEstate? Remember that the choice of your Real Estate CRM will depend on your individual situation and your business objectives. 

If you follow these tips, you will surely find that CRM you need. Contact us to talk and clarify all your doubts.

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