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We are the agro-industrial company that works in the Guatemalan area, bringing innovation from each one of our vegetable fat projects and other products that consist of caring for the environment.

They recognize us for being the impact in multiple areas of work, reaching more than seven nations and showing them a new vision and mission for each of their companies, we like to be a responsible company that complies with the rules.

We generate products and exports of palm oil and other natural products, respecting the beauty of the environment. We continue looking for people with privileged professionals to be able to continue creating quality products.

Route Salesman

– We open a pleasant work environment for you, guaranteeing solid earnings with salaries directly with the company.
– According to your long task and performance we give you auxiliary payments as ordered by the law and the general supervisor.

– Convenient required experience of 1 year in customer service, trade sales and others to be able to practice in the company.
– Have the understanding in the handling of related areas and know how to have good communication with the clients of the service, having a B motorcycle license to work.
– Have a positive psyche to win people in the company having channel sales recognition to be able to produce new jobs for the company.

Wild Setter Driver

– Have the maximum skills of 1 year or more in mass product placement work, tasting and have knowledge of cities and their distributions.
– Have complete personal documents, having your own motorcycle driving license, to be able to reach each of the recipients.
– Have discernment in related positions, having a good situation to work with clients of the service in person.

– We give you an advantageous salary with each and every one of the requirements and benefits provided by the law of the contract.
– Observing your performance and the development you provide to the company, we guarantee you a bonus for your achievements acquired from the company.

Support Technician

– Academic degrees: have the documentation and the certificate of stable studies, having the computer system career industrial engineering and other career goals to be able to work with face-to-face knowledge.
– Have the required discernment of two years in the management of related services and technical repair, structured cabling and network management, having the experiences of equipment repair to be able to work.

– We guarantee a pleasant work environment with the opportunity to gain knowledge with one of the privileged companies with training according to your branch.
– Contract directly with the administrative associate of the company, giving you all the advantages of the law.

Promoter Pilot

– Convenient precise experience of two years in handling audio equipment, animation of events and promotion, knowing how to deal with the customer of the service and giving our company an expensive impression.
– Have an updated type B license to be able to work with personal furniture.

– We give you a pleasant work area so that you can work more easily in your granted position.
– Depending on your performance in the area of ​​trade, we give you legal benefits so that you can start immediately.


– Mandatory experience of 1 year in related areas of customer service and merchant salesman, having experiences worked in other companies.
– Know how to manage digital sales and channels, in addition to having your type B license to officiate in the company.
– Flexible hours to work all week with a rest day according to the contract.

– Convenient work area, with a set of supportive team with which they can produce ideas of progress.
– Remuneration directly with the business boss, providing them with each and every one of the requirements of the law.

– Monitor the area in charge by sending the record to the supervisor, informing him about all the performance of the team in your charge and checking if the sales strategies of the Channel of the metropolitan area are stable or contrast any failure to alter it.
– Produce productive ideas, guaranteeing a good business performance and gaining new market trends, marking one of the historical data that can be provided in the merchant markets.
– Visualize and review the monthly payment offered to the market, projecting ourselves for new scopes that can be opened in the company.

– Precise three-year specialist in the knowledge and management of consumer trends knowing how to relate each product that is made in the company.
– Convenient experience in managing digital programs such as Excel advanced level, strategic planning in the sale of markets to be able to work with fundamental fundamentals.

Detail Sales Supervisor

– You know how to manage consumer product parcel sales with the precise experiences of two years and having your clean graduate certificate.
– Have opportune hours to be able to work twenty-four hour schedules, with a rest day as discussed with the contract supervisor.
– Have basic or essential knowledge in the product distribution industry, checking the expiration or stability of each of them and putting them in your registry.

– We open a stability in the area in charge of the possibilities of the law contract and with considerably more benefits, so that your business performance can be produced more.
– Belong to one of the most recognized companies for its performance of respect for the environment, gaining in addition to this knowledge with training according to the field you wish to take.

Warehouse Assistant

– We offer each staff new training and talks, guaranteeing the opportunity to produce personal and business knowledge for the company.
– According to your contract and personal documents, we are favored with a pleasant professional environment so that you can work with more stability.

– Have experiences in companies for at least 1 year in warehouse work and merchandise verification by reviewing their documents and codes.
– Have the precise reserves to work on schedule as corresponds in the contract, counting on their day of rest.

How to apply: Any unemployed person who is free to be part of Olmeca, can join one of the free places today from: Apply Here.

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